Elizabeth George


Graduate Student Researcher

University of California, Berkeley

151 Leconte Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720

work: (510) 642-5721


2008 - BS Physics - MIT

2011 - MA Physics - University of California, Berkeley

2013 - PhD Physics - University of California, Berkeley

About Me:

I was graduate student working for Prof. Holzapfel in the Experimental Cosmology Group at UC Berkeley. In graduate school, I worked on detectors for the South Pole Telescope (SPT-sz and SPT-pol). I deployed to the south pole multiple times for SPT-sz receiver upgrades and SPT-pol camera installation and upgrades. I am currently working on the high-ell power spectrum data analysis of the final SPT-sz 2500 square degree survey.

I am interested in the development of precision astronomical instruments to study the structure and formation of the universe. In graduate school, this has meant precision measurements of the temperature and polarization properties cosmic microwave background and what these measurements can tell us about cosmology and the early universe. My lab work included mm-wave detector testing and development, readout multiplexing, cryogenics, and receiver integration and operation at the telescope. You can read more about what I’ve worked on while at Berkeley on my projects page.

I have moved to the Max Planck Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik in Garching, Germany for a postdoctoal position in the IR Astronomy group. My new webpage is http://www.mpe.mpg.de/~lizinvt/.